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  • “Being Green” TIPS

  • Under Construction, LLC strives to be earth conscience whenever possible. If everyone made a couple of changes to be more “GREEN”, many of today’s increasing prices on just about everything we buy, can be offset by simply being more aware of our environment.

  • Here’s a Few:

  • 1. Consider installing an outdoor clothes line.

    2. Change your old hot water heater to a new tankless heater. Heat the water when you need it .vs. a 40-60 gallon tank maintaining a certain temperature all day long.

    3. Use cloth or fabric bags when you shop.

    4. When washing clothes use cold water.

    5. Change old incandescent light bulbs to energy efficient fluorescent type.

    6. Mold requires moisture to live. Reduce your indoor humidity to 30-60% to decrease and eliminate mold activity.